Here All You need to Know the Top Best Features of Android 10

Google has officially named Android Q as Android 10. Android 10 beta was also launched this month, although it is not longer too much when it will be officially launched. Google has been given more attention to privacy in Android 10. Apart from this, you also see many changes in its UI. Let's have look at Android 10 top, features which you would like to use once.

System-Wide Dark Mode: This is one of the best and Popular features, which you will get in Android 10. Also, let us tell you that Dark mode has been implemented in almost all applications from Google. Now it is going to be included in Android 10 as system wide.
The new gesture based navigation system is a line you will get in Android. By Which You can go to the home page by swipe. Apart from this you can do anything with this swipe, you can see it as a multitasking menu. This also gets the gesture that the back button will be also removed from Google, it's look like Google will implement gesture such as iPhone.

If we talk about Userbase, Google is now more concerned about its length and breadth. With the live caption whatever you are doing on your phone, it is going to show you real-time captions. However, your phone does not need the Internet for this, this can be the best thing. This can also work offline.

Android's sharing menu is an important part of UI. It is slower to load, and because of this, it does not feel real. Google has tried to end up this problem in Android 10. In the Android 10, the UI has the ability to load the same compression. Apart from this, Sharing Shortcut is also launched.
The world was not so much concerned to their privacy, as much as it has been at this time. Google is now understanding that it is an important part, and it is necessary to have security for its safety and services etc. Nowadays your information can be accessed by anyone. But if you worry about Privacy, you are about to get something new in this edition of Android.

Although it can be called a very simple edition, this feature was not seen in Android yet. However in Android 10, you are going to get the feature of screen recording. However, for this you may have to enable it by going to the setting in the developer option.

This discussion was going on, when Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X mobile phones were launched, how Android 10 is going to work on foldable phones, although now it is coming out that you can get foldable phones with Android 10 Support on the way.

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